Blackberry Jumps with Movirtu


BlackBerry Ltd. (BBRY) has acquired mobile technology company Movirtu Ltd., shoring up its smartphone management features as it targets business users.

London-based Movirtu uses a virtual SIM card enabling customers to connect more than one phone number to a single device. The service lets employees who use one phone for work and home to switch easily between business and personal profiles with billing clearly separated, the Waterloo, Ontario-based company said in a statement today.

As BlackBerry’s share of the smartphone market has diminished, the company has shifted focus to selling software-based services to businesses and governments and exploiting the bring-your-own-device trend, where employees use work-related apps and features on their personal phones. Gartner Inc. predicts half of employers will ask workers to use their own phones for business by 2017.

We’ve been very clear as part of our turnaround strategy that we had full intention to not only manage BlackBerry devices but to manage iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices,” John Sims, head of BlackBerry’s enterprise services business, said in a phone interview. “It’s a sizable market opportunity.”

BlackBerry plans to start offering the phone-splitting software to customers early next year, Sims said.

The company’s shares rose 4.9 percent to $10.78 at the close in New York, the biggest daily gain since July 24.

Founded in 2008, Movirtu is run by CEO Carsten Brinkschulte and has 22 employees. It received $5.5 million in a 2010 funding round.

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Ranking the Top Smartphones

from Business Insider
RANKED: The Best Smartphones In The World

#14 BlackBerry Q10
Up five spots from last month


Link to full rankings                 RE Best-smartphones-2014

BlackBerry’s ‘cloud’ difficult to hack, analyst say – could have saved Jennifer Lawrence from “Bimbo ” status

Businesses using BlackBerry’s cloud-based services should not be spooked by hackers who stole nude photographs of celebrities out of the Apple iCloud, says an independent technology analyst.

London, Ont.-based Carmi Levy said Apple’s iCloud was built for consumers and BlackBerry’s suite of cloud services are for the corporate and enterprise world.

“That has significant implications for the kinds of security features built into the service,” Levy said. “They are two very different animals.”

On Sunday, hackers posted hundreds of nude photos of celebrities stolen from their personal Apple accounts. Apple says the hackers made targeted attacks against select celebrities.

“This incident uncovered a fundamental weakness in Apple’s security infrastructure for the iCloud that it has since resolved,” Levy said.

Apple users have a security code that is four digits by default. Such codes can be cracked by regular computers using programs that run all possible combinations in a short period of time.

This is known as a bruteforce attack.

In addition, the iPhone app called Find My Phone had no limits on how many times a user tries an incorrect password. Users or hackers are locked out of most other systems after three incorrect attempts.

That made the Find My Phone app easy pickings for a brute-force attack.

“It was all too easy for hackers using a certain piece of software known as iBrute to bypass the alarm that would advise a user that someone is repeatedly trying to break into their account,” Levy said. The security standards in the enterprise sector are far more stringent, and information technology professionals there would respond differently, he said.

“An IT decision maker would know full well to implement two-factor authentication on all devices, right out of the gate,” Levy said. “Whereas in Apple’s case, consumers don’t necessarily think or act that way.”

The cloud became a popular term in the digital world around 2010. It is marketing jargon for third-party data centres where information is stored, rather than on individual phones, laptops and tablets. Earlier this year, BlackBerry made it clear it would expand its offerings of cloud-based services for enterprise customers as a key part of its turnaround strategy.

“You cannot shut down investments in technology, including mobility, including the cloud, every time someone suffers a breach,” Levy said. “The Apple iCloud experience gives us an opportunity to learn some very important lessons about mobile security, but it is not a reason to write off the entire space.”

Nobody should be too hard on Apple for being hacked, he said.

“It is somewhat unfair to single out Apple, given the fact that any technology company can be victimized on any given day,” Levy said.

“It is almost impossible to find a major vendor that has not been compromised in some way, or whose name has not been dragged through the mud by hackers.”

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A Passport To Success For BlackBerry?

BlackBerry has sent out invites to three simultaneous events to be held in London, Toronto and Dubai on September 24 where it is expected to unveil the Passport, potentially its most innovative smartphone in the best part of a decade.

What makes it special is that BlackBerry has decided that the rectangular screen that is a standard feature on essentially all smartphones made by everyone from Apple to Samsung and beyond is actually a bad idea. It limits productivity and forces you to keep rotating a handset from portrait to landscape in order to accommodate different content

According to BlackBerry, academic research shows that the optimal number of characters on a line in a book is 66 characters. Because rectangular smartphones lack screen width, they can only manage 40 characters.

However, because the Passport has a perfectly square 4.5-inch high definition display, it can display 60 characters per line, making it great not just for reading e-books but for using spreadsheets and Instagram, and all without having to rotate the handset in order to fit elements on the screen.

As well as a square screen, the Passport has a physical keyboard so that the user’s fingers don’t obscure the display. But as well as being good for typing emails and messages, the keyboard is touch-sensitive, meaning that it can respond to swipes and taps too. So it becomes like a trackpad on a notebook allowing you to navigate around the screen without touching it.

Although the phone isn’t going to be officially revealed until the special September event, BlackBerry has been very open about the device and has been publishing new snippets of information about its capabilities over the past two months.

So as well as screen size and resolution, we know it is going to have a best-in-class battery life and offer sufficient security for use in finance and healthcare. In fact, all that still isn’t clear about the device is when exactly it will be in the shops and how much it will cost. Expect that to be revealed, along with the device, on September 24.

As such September is going to be a very busy month for premium smartphone launches. Sony, Samsung, Motorola and, of course, Apple will all be announcing new flagship handsets in the coming days.

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Shares of iPhone maker Apple fall after rival Samsung unveils new phones

by Irene Kuan

NEW YORK – Apple shares are getting bit by a rival.

The iPhone maker’s stock fell more than 3 per cent Wednesday after Samsung unveiled two new smartphones at a trade show in Berlin.

Samsung announced the Galaxy Note Edge phone, which has a side display for quicker access to Twitter, the flashlight, news and other apps. It also showed off a new Galaxy Note 4 phone and a virtual-reality headset for the phone called Gear VR to watch concerts or play games.

The Samsung unveiling comes less than a week before Apple is expected to reveal its new products, next Tuesday in Cuppertino, California. A larger iPhone, and possibly a computerized watch, are expected.

Apple’s stock drop comes a day after its shares hit an all-time high of $103.74. That same day, Apple said that the theft of private photos from celebrities was not because of a security breach of its iCloud system. Instead, hackers took user names and passwords for the accounts, Apple said Tuesday.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday.

Shares of Apple Inc. fell $3.55 to $99.75 in afternoon trading, erasing more than $20 billion of its market value. The stock is still up more than 24 per cent so far this year


Blackberry / MCAFEE Story

go to Bloomberg TV
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McAfee: Dump Your Smartphone to Protect Privacy: Video
Antivirus Pioneer John McAfee discusses his internet privacy concerns on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg TV)

Aug. 12 (Bloomberg) — Antivirus Pioneer John McAfee discusses his internet privacy concerns on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)



John MCAFEE gives Blackberry A Big PR Push



Video on smartphone lack of security.


McAfee: Dump Your Smartphone to Protect Privacy: Video
Antivirus Pioneer John McAfee discusses his internet privacy concerns on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg TV

McAfee: Dump Your Smartphone to Protect Privacy


With Blackberry For The Double

Stocks to Hold Forever

Buy them, forget about them, and never sell them
Three months ago, Marketocracy Master Mike Koza told us what Blackberry (NASDAQ:BBRY) needs to do to deliver a double. The following week, I published the second half of the the article and included the Marketocracy community’s thoughts on how Blackberry can produce the double within the next 2 years. Since our last article, Blackberry has been volatile but the stock has risen appreciably, a bit over 28%, and Mike is not selling.
. In a press release dated June 19, included these highlights:

• Cash and investments balance of $3.1 billion at the end of the fiscal first quarter, up from $2.7 billion in the prior quarter

• Adjusted Q1 gross margin of 48%, up from 43% in the prior quarter

• Reduced adjusted operating expenses by 57% year over year and 13% quarter over quarter

John Chen, Blackberry’s CEO, seems to have stemmed the negative cash flow and thereby reduced the risk that the company would have to accept a bad deal for shareholders in order to raise cash. Stabilizing the company’s cash flow is a great first step on the way to a double and in my view justifies the increase in the stock price we’ve seen so far.

The next item on Mike’s list is for the company to start growing again by focusing on the services that a security conscious professional needs in order to conduct real business.

Blackberry will never sell as many phones as Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) because its products are not geared for users whose mobile messaging needs are mostly 3 character text messages or 140 character tweets. But while Blackberry’s core users are not as numerous as Apple’s, they value their mobile messaging service highly and are willing to pay a premium for it because it enhances their ability to conduct business.

Apple recognizes the attractiveness of the security conscious professional market because they recently announced a joint venture with IBM (NYSE:IBM) to go after it. The threat of Apple and IBM taking market share away from Blackberry in their core market is a new development that needs to be monitored.

It is too early to tell if John Chen will be successful in growing the business, but he is already taking some needed steps. On July 21, Chen hired Marty Beard (who he worked with at Sybase) to be his new COO. John Chen can’t rebuild Blackberry on his own. His success depends on getting great people to join his team. The fact that someone with Marty Beard’s background and credibility would risk his career to join Blackberry at this time is a big vote of confidence for John Chen’s plans for Blackberry.

When a stock moves up 28% in a few months, it is tempting to sell it and lock-in a gain. But the stock market does not offer many opportunities for doubles so routinely selling stocks just when the market is starting to agree with your investment thesis is a sure way to cut your winners off before they come to fruition thereby generating a poor long-term investment track record.

Great value investors like Mike Koza do their homework so when events start to play out in their favor they have the confidence to hold on for bigger gains, and the track record to back up their confidence.

BlackBerry Buys Anti-Eavesdropping Tool Used by Merkel

BlackBerry Ltd. (BBRY), pushing further into security services, agreed to buy Secusmart GmbH, a provider of anti-eavesdropping technology whose clients include German officials such as Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Secusmart, a Dusseldorf, Germany-based company that already had a partnership with BlackBerry, makes voice and data encryption for mobile phones. Financial terms weren’t disclosed. The acquisition is BlackBerry’s first since the hiring last November of Chief Executive Officer John Chen, who vowed to cut losses by focusing on services to corporations and governments.


Now, having stabilized the Waterloo, Ontario-based company, Chen said in an interview yesterday that he’s laying the groundwork for hiring and sales growth. With Secusmart, BlackBerry aims to capitalize on demand for spy-proofing technology in the wake of revelations about U.S. government surveillance tactics, including allegations that Merkel’s mobile phone was tapped.

The deal is still subject to regulatory approval. Chen said he’s confident Germany will approve the sale, especially since the government already uses BlackBerry phones and software.


At a time of backlash against U.S. companies, including the German government’s decision not to renew a Verizon Communications Inc. contract, Chen said it doesn’t hurt being a Canadian company.

“Canadians are very neutral, as you know,” said Chen, who grew up in Hong Kong and is a naturalized U.S. citizen. “Canadians always do business with everybody else and it’s fine.”


More Orders
Germany’s government has already distributed about 3,000 encrypted smartphones made by BlackBerry to federal officials, and has plans to order more such devices, Tobias Plate, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry, said yesterday at a news conference in Berlin.

Last month, Germany’s top prosecutor said it would start a formal investigation into whether U.S. intelligence agents tapped Merkel’s phone. The White House has said agents aren’t spying on Merkel and has pledged not to do so in the future.

Chen’s goal is to return BlackBerry to profitability by the company’s next fiscal year, which ends in March 2016. The company is seeking to counter declining demand for its phones by focusing on supplying software and hardware to customers in regulated industries such as finance, government, health care and law, which have higher standards for security and risk management.

Hiring Again
BlackBerry announced plans to fire 4,500 employees, or a third of its workforce, less than two months before Chen took over as it tried to streamline the business for a buyout deal that eventually fell through. As the turnaround plan unfolds, Chen said he’s ready to start hiring again, with a focus on sales, software development and customer care.

“I have a plan to start slowly adding headcount into the company, and now we’re in that phase,” Chen said.

While BlackBerry shares are up 34 percent this year through yesterday with Chen at the helm, other technology companies are eyeing the same corporate niche he’s going after. BlackBerry fell less than 1 percent to $9.91 at 10:33 a.m. New York time.

This month, Apple Inc. and International Business Machines Corp. said they would work together to develop mobile applications for businesses. BlackBerry dropped 12 percent the day of the announcement.

“I’m paying a lot of attention” to the partnership, Chen said. “I’m giving them due respect that they could get something done, although they’re going to have to come from way behind,” he said.

Part of his plan to stay ahead might include acquisitions, he said. Areas BlackBerry is interested in include server technology and identity management, Chen said.

Still, he said he’s being careful not to risk too much in potential deals.

“It’s not, ‘Because the future is so bright, I’ve got to bet the farm,'” he said. “I’m a very safe, conservative guy.”

Zacks View :Why BlackBerry (BBRY) Could Beat Earnings Estimates Again

Looking for a stock that might be in a good position to beat earnings at its next report? Consider BlackBerry Limited (BBRY), a firm in the Wireless Industry, which could be a great candidate for another beat.

This company has seen a nice streak of beating earnings estimates, especially when looking at the previous two reports. In fact, in these reports, BBRY has beaten estimates by at least 55.0% in both cases, suggesting it has a nice short-term history of crushing expectations.

Earnings in Focus

Two quarters ago, BBRY expected to post a loss per share of 56 cents per share, while the company posted loss per share of 8 cents, a significant beat. Meanwhile, for the most recent quarter, the company looked to deliver loss per share of 27 cents, when it actually saw loss per share of 11 cents instead, representing a 59.3% positive surprise.

Thanks in part to this history, estimates have been moving higher for BlackBerry. In fact, the Earnings ESP for BBRY is positive, which is a great sign of a coming beat.

After all, the Zacks Earnings ESP compares the most accurate estimate to the broad consensus, looking to find stocks that have seen big revisions as of late, suggesting that analysts have recently become more bullish on the company’s earnings prospects. This is the case for BBRY, as the firm currently has a Zacks Earnings ESP of 59.9 %, so another beat could be around the corner.

This is particularly true when you consider that BBRY has a great Zacks Rank #2 (Buy) which can be a harbinger of outperformance and a signal for a strong earnings profile. And when you add this solid Zacks Rank to a positive Earnings ESP, a positive earnings surprise happens nearly 70% of the time, so it seems pretty likely that BBRY could see another beat at its next report, especially if recent trends are any guide.

BlackBerry looks to partnerships to compete with Apple and IBM venture

” In Talks ” drives the market players back into BBRY.

BlackBerry Limited (BBRY)


10.18 Up 0.35(3.61%) 11:08AM EDT – Nasdaq Real Time Price
Prev Close: 9.83
Open: 9.78
Bid: 10.16 x 7800
Ask: 10.16 x 300
1y Target Est: 8.55
Beta: 0.45
Next Earnings Date: 26-Sep-14BBRY Earnings announcement
Day’s Range: 9.70 – 10.24
52wk Range: 5.44 – 12.18
Volume: 13,554,172
Avg Vol (3m): 14,921,000
Market Cap: 5.29B
P/E (ttm): N/A
EPS (ttm): -11.18
Div & Yield: N/A (N/


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By Daniel Thomas, Financial Times  Telecoms Correspondent

ll almost five per cent last week after IBM said it would work with Apple to sell iPhones and iPads loaded with applications for business users. The tie-up was seen by analysts as a direct challenge for customers that use BlackBerry’s enterprise services.
IBM is planning more than 100 apps targeting industries such as retail, healthcare, banking, travel, transportation and telecommunications, with a focus on security and mobile device management.
Mr Chen has also focused BlackBerry on driving enterprise sales in similar areas since joining as chief executive last year, using its market leading security software combined with devices, servers and messaging services.
Mr Chen said that the partnership between Apple and IBM was both good and bad news for BlackBerry. He likened the tie-up to when “two elephants start dancing”, adding that it would be interesting to see how they worked together given both companies “are used to taking charge”.
“The IBM-Apple tie-up validates what is a huge market,” he said. “[But] the bad news is that you are waking up two giants. It’s competition but it’s good competition and we are going to be more nimble. You don’t want to be a strong guy in a market that is not growing.”

Mr Chen said that BlackBerry was in talks about its own partnerships. “I am working on some, and maybe we will collaborate with others. If I focus on security and identity management then we will be a good solid partner in this enterprise world.
“I am not afraid of competing when I know I am more nimble. I never think [that] going alone is the right strategy. But we have a value add that no one else can do.”
Mr Chen said that BlackBerry was out of danger having almost completed its restructuring. BlackBerry will focus on enterprise customers rather than the consumer business for now, said Mr Chen.
Consumer sales of BlackBerry phones for have fallen, with less than 2 per cent market share in many Western markets, according to Kantar, the research group.
Mr Chen said that even forthcoming handsets such as the square-shaped Passport – which is expected to be released in September – were geared towards being used by enterprise customers in core “regulated industries” such as financial services and healthcare.


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