Blackberry – BBRY Fever $30 Target ?


published today July 8,2014


  • BlackBerry has surprised investors with a series of good news lately.
  • BlackBerry’s house cleaning operation last year has been successful, and set the ground for future growth.
  • Once BlackBerry reports operating cash flow profitability, investors will pile into the stock.
  • Investor sentiment is gradually changing, which is a key requirement for higher stock prices.

a general contempt , sadness and scorn for the once mighty smartphone maker is being replaced with calls of a rise due to the new management, short squeeze and reassessment of the prospects of the ” new ” BBRY.

here is a sample from Seeking Alpha Article list for Blackberry

BlackBerry defends the Passport
Shares of Canadian handset company BlackBerry fell 5%, giving back nearly all of Monday’s gain. BlackBerry has been an especially volatile stock in recent sessions, so its decline is not surprising.

Late on Monday, BlackBerry published an official blog post defending the design of its upcoming handset, the Passport. The BlackBerry Passport has received a notable level of attention in recent weeks due to its unconventional design: a large phone with a physical keyboard and square-shaped body.

BlackBerry argues that the Passport’s square screen is ideal for productivity — at 4.5-inches, it isn’t as large as some of the larger Android handsets on the market, but the added width makes it easier for users to view documents.

The Passport alone won’t dictate BlackBerry’s future, but success here could help the company erase its losses. Last quarter, the company lost money, though less than analysts had anticipated. BlackBerry’s management aims to hit breakeven by the end of the year.

NEWL- The War Of Fear and Greed On Display


A near death experience forced the Company to protect its Nasdaq listing by a reverse split . That is in order to maintain a trading price of more than $ 1.00 it consolidated the shares – 50 ” old” shares selling at  6 cents were to be exchanged for one share which in theory would trade at about $3.00 ( 50 times 6 cents).

Instead the shares plunged to 65 cents – then went on a wild ride- back up to over $3.50 and back down in the last three days.

The company has arranged the purchase of two new ships and manages others . It appears to me that management  wants to rebuild a shattered entity. In the meantime the stock has become a plaything for penny players. It also has a coal mine in the U.S.

I am not a penny stock player  but here is a down and out member of the down and out shipping sector that appears worth some spec money.The Baltic Dry Index which in 2008 before the decline was over 10,000 is now below 1000. The sector – as I have written is one to watch – but not invest in at this time . When the turn comes it will be for years . The turn depends on a return to growth in China, iron ore and grain shipments that will trace an upturn in the world economy.- but most important is China which appears to be growing again.

Thursday I purchased 1000 shares at $ 1.60 following a dramatic decline during the day from near $3.00 to the $1.60 level.It appears that panic set it and I expect that on Friday cooler heads will prevail and the stock will recover as bargain hunters ( and spec players) try to calculate a value for a beat up stock.

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Above Average
As of 30 May 2014 at 9:43 AM EDT.


Open 1.80 P/E Ratio (TTM)
Last Bid/Size 2.01 / 2 EPS (TTM) -56,034.36
Last Ask/Size 2.02 / 59 Next Earnings
Previous Close 1.67 Beta 2.16
Volume 3,962,252 Last Dividend
Average Volume 21,173,255 Dividend Yield 0.00%
Day High 2.10 Ex-Dividend Date
Day Low 1.76 Shares Outstanding 10.1M
52 Week High 8,235.00 # of Floating Shares 3.06757M
52 Week Low 0.3788 Short Interest as % of Float 1.65%

Trading Alert : Diana Shipping Short Squeeze

Jack A. Bass Managed Accounts are enjoying the shipping sector recovery – shorts are paying the price of our success.


Above Average
As of 19 Sep 2013 at 10:08 AM EDT.


Open 12.28 P/E Ratio (TTM) 109.1x
Last Bid/Size 12.47 / 8 EPS (TTM) 0.11
Last Ask/Size 12.48 / 3 Next Earnings 20 Nov 2013
Previous Close 12.06 Beta 1.42
Volume 340,200 Last Dividend
Average Volume 1,709,194 Dividend Yield 0.00%
Day High 12.50 Ex-Dividend Date
Day Low 12.22 Shares Outstanding 82.2M
52 Week High 13.24 # of Floating Shares 67.12071M
52 Week Low 6.45 Short Interest as % of Float 3.41%



1,822.0082.00 4.71%

Herbalife And Carl Ichan ?

Friday night cocktails at the Carl Icahn Lab

Friday night cocktails at the Carl Icahn Lab (Photo credit: throgers)

HLF : NYSE : US$38.77

Herbalife was in the news yet again Friday after Carl Icahn said in a regulatory filing that he had increased his stake in the company to 14 million shares, or roughly 13% of the company’s outstanding shares.

After weeks of speculation over exactly what the famed corporate raider might be doing, Icahn spoke up and put himself on a collision course with William Ackman, a rival activist investor who called Herbalife a house of cards and said he sees the share price going to zero.

The two men famously tussled on cable television in late January when Icahn called Ackman a “major loser” and warned him of trouble ahead in the form of a major short squeeze. Icahn said he wants to meet with Herbalife’s management “regarding the business and strategic alternatives to enhance shareholder value, such as a recapitalization or a going-private transaction.”

The company said, “We welcome all parties who see the same value in Herbalife that we do.”


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