Year End Tax Advice On Investment Gains/ Losses / Income

Sell Your Losers



Not all stocks and mutual funds fared well this year, despite a 13.2% rise for the S&P 500 through December 1. If you own investments in a taxable account, such as a brokerage account, that are worth less than you paid for them, consider cutting them loose before year-end. You can use the losses to offset capital-gains income.

If your losses exceed your gains, you can deduct up to $3,000 from your other taxable income. Losses that exceed that amount can be carried forward to future years.

Delay the Sale of Investment Winners



If you’re about to rebalance your portfolio by selling some winners so you can redeploy the cash elsewhere, remember that waiting until after January 1 means you won’t have to report the gains as part of your 2014 income. Never make an investment move based solely on the tax impact, but don’t ignore it, either.


Defer Income Until 2015



If you think a year-end bonus is in the works, ask that it be paid next year. That way, it won’t increase your 2014 taxable income. (If the firm has already announced that it will pay bonuses in December, though, it’s 2014 income even if you don’t cash the check until January.)

If you’re self-employed, send bills to clients in late December so you won’t receive payments until after the first of the year.

Alternate Guaranteed Income Payments

Private client funds Minimum $10,000 Maximum Loan $500,000

Our client is seeking funds to expand their tanker fleet .

Interest 12 % compounded – paid 1% per month

Floating charge of the full $500,000 against the fleet – valued at  more than $ 1 M

- see contact information set out below.


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Investors will not wait for the government to sort things out and then lurch to the next crisis.What are you doing ?

Who Is Designing Your Offshore Strategy ?( do you have a strategy?)

The most important thing that you MUST do is seek advice from a qualified advisor – Jack A. Bass, B.A. LL.B. (someone who understands international tax jurisdictions and tax law) . Your advisor must understand the benefits of particular offshore jurisdictions. It is your responsibility to take action.

In most jurisdictions you can set up your offshore company in as little as a few weeks. We most often start the process with registering a company name and sending in the right documentation and supporting documents for the incorporation and a bank account(s) or merchant account for you and your business.All of this can be conducted by internet on in rare cases we will attend in person – for you.

      You can start today – for a confidential / no fee/ no obligation  initial inquiry 

Email OR

 OR call Jack direct at 604-858-3202

New : Tax Haven Banking – Going Offshore

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Offshore Article has just been posted at Dec 3
the new website on Going Offshore


I found Jack quite by ( a happy ) accident . I searched for consultants because my portfolio – built up over decades in an offshore account was under attack because I am an American. Secondly, I have had three years of almost no increase in my balance because I was afraid of the market swooping down like the Lone Ranger gone bad. My bank insisted I find another bank to hold my account.
Jack quickly arranged for the transfer to a new jurisdiction and my new internet account has the advantage of his 8 % guarantee. At my retirement age I am taking out .05 % per month – based on past performance my account continues to grow.

TLN New York, NY
November 2014

We used Jack to shepherd our trust …

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Using An Offshore Corporation and Bank Account : The Basics

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London Tax Haven - where the world's wealth co...

London Tax Haven – where the world’s wealth comes to hide (Photo credit: London Permaculture)

A Brief Summary of Our Services:

We combine strategies to secure you an incorporation ( International Business Corporation or IBC) in a selected low or no tax jurisdiction.Not all jurisdictions meet the needs of all clients.Our clients are from nations around the world but generally seeking tax relief and avoidance of government cupidity.

We recommend a bank(s) – in another jurisdiction- this can be corporate, personal or both.

We can provide wealth management services – 31 % return in 2013 – and this at a 1% fee plus a bonus only payable if we achieve a minimum of 8 % ( as at November 2014).

We can provide asset protection via trusts ( more important to some clients than others).

Royalty and Intellectual Property Licences – we can provide the contracts and jurisdictions to duplicate…

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BlackBerry Jumps on Samsung Lifeline for Mobile-Business

BlackBerry Ltd. (BBRY) shares advanced after the struggling smartphone maker announced a management-services partnership with rival Samsung Electronics Co., the first time the companies have teamed up for a major product.

The stock rose as much as 6.9 percent to $12.05, the highest intraday price since August 2013, after the plan was announced. Samsung’s Knox system, which offers a suite of secure work applications, will run on BlackBerry’s new server, known as BES12, the companies said in a statement today.

BlackBerry is holding an event today in San Francisco to unveil the server, which helps businesses manage devices and communicate securely. The partnership, which competes against an alliance of International Business Machines Corp. and Apple Inc., allies BlackBerry with one of its biggest rivals in the growing mobile device management market. Apple and IBM announced an agreement in July to work together on business services, sending BlackBerry’s stock down 12 percent in one day.

“People probably didn’t expect to see these two companies on the same stage, at least not willingly,” John Sims, head of BlackBerry’s enterprise services business, said at the event. “We need to be able to provide a breadth of choices and do that with companies of the highest level.”

Photographer: Hannah Yoon/Bloomberg

BlackBerry Ltd. Chief Executive Officer John Chen.

Since taking over the Waterloo, Ontario-based company a year ago, Chief Executive Officer John Chen has focused BlackBerry on business users and outsourced some device manufacturing. Partnerships seem to be the next step in his plan to return the company to profitability by 2016.

Earlier this week Chen said he had met with the heads of Chinese smartphone makers Xiaomi Corp. and Lenovo Group Ltd. and was interested in partnerships to expand in China.

Investors have supported Chen’s turnaround plan, pushing the stock up 51 percent this year through yesterday and putting it on track to beat the Nasdaq Composite Index for the first time since 2009. Ontario Teachers’ Pension Planincreased its holding in the company to 1.6 percent as of Sept. 30, according to a Nov. 7 regulatory filing.

Family Dollar Stores Target Price $ 74.50

FDO : NYSE : US$77.75
Target: US$74.50 

Family Dollar operates over 8,000 retail discount stores
in 44 states, providing a merchandise assortment
including consumables, home products, apparel and
accessories, seasonal goods, and electronics.
Merchandise is generally sold for $1 to $10.
Consumer & Retail — Specialty Retail
Investment recommendation
We continue to move closer to the completion of the acquisition
of FDO by Dollar Tree (DLTR : NASDAQ : $56.70 | HOLD). In
early September, the companies accelerated the expected
timeframe to the end of November, compared to the initial
schedule of early 2015. We are raising our price target to the
deal price of $74.50 (which includes $59.60 in cash and $14.90
in stock). We would take a much more positive view on the
combined entity as it would create an instant market-share
leader with over 13,000 stores and annual sales of $18B. We
think DLTR’s superior merchandising organization and greater
store consolidation than what was included in the companies’
initial outlook would drive annual synergies above the $300MM
the merger is expected to generate by year three.
Investment highlights
 Dollar General is still in the picture. DG extended its
$80/share tender offer to 10/31, but FDO remains confident
this combination would not receive antitrust approval.
 Q4 EPS missed our estimate by $0.07, but shares should
continue to trade on the potential acquisition. FDO reported
Q4 EPS of $0.73 on SSS +0.3% on top of flat. Gross margin
was 90bps below our forecast, and there was 16 bps more of
SG&A expense deleverage than we had anticipated.

Travel Schedule / Meeting with Clients – Sept .17 – Returning Sept .29

Current Fixed Dates / Cities


Halifax ,Nova Scotia Canada Sept. 21 2014

New York City,NY Sept. 27 , 2014


Vancouver, Canada Oct . 11, 2014
Seattle, Washington Oct. 18 , 2014

Cost $199 all inclusive

One hour ( one on one)
Please reserve by email to OR
Call Jack direct at 604-858-3202

Please email or call to arrange individual appointments – other than the named cities.
All email will be answered after . Sept. 30

In the same way that I urge investors to use an adviser I too have a business coach.  I complained that my performance of a 31% gain in 2013 was not gaining me the respect or new clients to which I thought I was entitled.

He challenged me :
a) I was not ” entitled ” to anything more than I earned by performance
b) My performance allowed me to guarantee an annual 12 % return or I will forfeit the 1 % annual fee and the 20 % performance fee.

The Challenge – a guarantee of a minimum of 12 % for your annual investment return

Investors and pensions need efficient methods to screen, research, perform due diligence and monitor managers in their quest to deliver returns. They need to know the data they are using is accurate and fresh — and represents the best options available worldwide across every asset class. They must take into account their own assets and liabilities and the impact to portfolio risk while screening strategies and tracking exposures. They also need polished reports and presentations to provide evidence of a sound, inclusive selection processes for regulators and committees.

Placing these decisions in Jack A. Bass Managed Accounts removes the work from your hands to ours .

Meeting the Challenge

Jack A. Bass Managed Accounts offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for screening and monitoring, as well as risk assessment leveraging the data of the most important databases. In fact, 89% of surveyed clients agree that Jack A. Bass Managed Accounts helps them save their time during the due diligence process, while 75% of pension clients agreed .

The answer to When? – is always NOW ! – not tomorrow.
Contact Information

Information must proceed action and that is why we offer a no cost / no obligation inquiry service if you are not already a client.

Email OR

Call Jack direct at 604-868-3202 Pacific Time  10:00- 4:00

Same time zone as Los Angeles

Gordmans Stores BUY More then a double BUY

Target Price $ 9.00
Gordmans Stores is an everyday value price retailer
offering merchandise up to 60% off department and
specialty store prices. The company operates nearly 100
stores in 20 states, located in multiple shopping center
formats including regional shopping malls, lifestyle
centers, and power centers. The merchandise
assortment consists of apparel, home fashions, and
accessories including fragrances.

Consumer & Retail — Specialty Retail
Investment recommendation
GMAN generated a Q2 loss of ($0.16) per share, in line with our
estimate and a penny below consensus. As expected, the
company spent the bulk of Q2 clearing out stale inventory ahead
of H2. The higher level of markdowns resulted in 95bps of yr./yr.
gross margin contraction in Q2, which did not come as a surprise
to us. We believe this was necessary to make room for an
improved product assortment, including the recent launch of a
Missy contemporary department. Gross margin should begin to
recover in H2 as better product rolls into stores. We believe SSS
will be slower to rebound, however, and we are lowering our Q3
SSS forecast to -5% on top of -6.1% versus our prior flat estimate.
This pushes our Q3 EPS estimate from $0.02 to ($0.09). We
continue to believe GMAN’s long-term recovery potential is not
reflected with shares trading at 0.2x C2015E EV/revenue.
Investment highlights
The appointment of department store veteran Andrew Hall
as CEO should bring some stability to GMAN. Hall spent six
years at Stage Stores, including a run as CEO from 2008-
2012, and 13 years prior at May Department Stores.
We are reducing our price target from $10 to $9 based on
our DCF model. There is still notable turnaround risk here,
but we believe investors will be paid for their patience.

Judge rejects $324 million tech hiring settlement


Apple, Google will have to set aside more money for a final settlement

Originally posted on Fortune:

A federal judge in California has rejected a $324.5 million settlement in an antitrust case targeting the hiring practices at tech giants Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe Systems.

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh ruled Friday that the “total settlement falls below the range of reasonableness” in a three-year old class action brought by a group of tech workers who alleged that the group of companies had colluded to bring down Silicon Valley salaries by agreeing to not poach each other’s workers.

The two sides agreed to settle the case in April after the companies produced emails showing executives at various companies discussing no-hire deals with their counterparts at other companies. But they denied claims that they conspired to keep down wages.

However, Koh said in her order Friday that the four companies must add more than $50 million to their settlement proposal – at least $380 million – in order…

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Jack Bass on Exit Coach Radio July 10 10:40 a.m. Pacific Time

I just wanted to let you know that I will be a Guest on The Exit Coach Radio Show on July 10 at 10:40 a.m.. I will discuss several tips and ideas for you to use in your business planning, so I hope you will listen in. There is a “LIVE SHOW LINK” at that you can use to tune in. Thanks

Business Credit Services

please call me to see how I can assist in helping your clients obtain the financing they need.

Below are some program features for our line of credit that I want to share with you. In addition please note that we offer equipment financing with terms from 2-5 years. Rates are about 7-14% on these.

Line of Credit/Loan Product Features:
Up to $2,000,000 available on lines of credit
Terms up to 2 years
Interest Rates: 2-2.75%/month
Approval amount is typically 9-11% of gross annual sales
Very flexible with credit (no open BK’s)
Tax Liens, Foreclosures, Collections and Judgments OK
Premium Programs available for excellent credit applicants
Payment Options – Daily or Weekly ACH available
Approvals within 24-48 hours
Funding within 5-7 days

Documents Needed along with application:
6 months of most recent Business Bank Statements
Page 1 of Business Tax Return to verify gross sales
4 months of Merchant Statements (*if you accept credit card sales that is)

for a no cost / no obligation review please email or call Jack direct at 604-858-3202 9;00- 5:00 Monday to Friday( same time as Los Angles)


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