Analyst Update on New Zealand Energy

The woman on the left side of the coat of arms...
The woman on the left side of the coat of arms of New Zealand is Zealandia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

brief note from Fred Kozak

What we find interesting is, he is now starting to cover a
nice, safe area of the world, far away from the Latin America
disease, and terrible politics. Yes Fred has gone to New
Zealand Oil and Gas, in a country that gets near Brent
prices, local government types don’t yank license at a
whim, and the country, which has to import oil will be
helped by NZ in that endeavor.

In a recent report, Kozak writes Seven Reasons to Buy
New Zealand Energy:
1. New Zealand Energy is a pure play on New Zealand.
2. New Zealand has a very attractive fiscal regime.
3. Exploration discoveries made.
4. Meaningful resource upside exposure exists.
5. Exploration value potential.
6. The company is very well funded.
7. The team is onboard to execute the plans.